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Fathom Travel is a start-up travel company under the Princess Cruise brand that offers impact travel opportunities. As the only designer working on the marketing team, I established the new branding and look and feel of all marketing collateral, including brochure, sales materials, emails, banner ads, graphic elements, etc. I collaborated with other members of the team to develop strategies to generate brand awaremeness and sales and to produce special campaigns.

Fathom Brochure
Trade Ad


Working with Hurtigruten, I’ve had the pleasure of helping the brand transition and evolve, supporting global initiative and adhering to new guidelines while maintaining the voice and style of the U.S. market. I’ve worked on a variety of projects ranging from brochures and ads, to postcards and collector series coffee mugs.

Mini Brochure
Consumer Ad
Coffee Mug
Mug Insert
Trade Postcard

TCS World Travel

In addition to working on Four Seasons and National Geographic, I also worked on print projects when the department was short staffed. I designed a gatefold mini brochure to send to new prospects in place of a full-sized brochure to reduce printing costs. I also worked on the redesign of the brochure and the brand refresh with other designers in the department.

Mini Brochure/Gatefold
New Brochure Design

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