• Step 1–Finding a base image for the wolf–used to create the fur and eye socket overlay.
  • Step 2–Original Creepy Guy Image Main image used with the wolf to create the wolfman beast composite.
  • Step 3–Desaturate all of the color aside from the eyes and the mouth and increase the contrast to bring out highlights and shadows and create better blending with the wolf overlay.
  • Step 4–First part of the overlay. Select the guys face and create a clipping mask for the wolf overaly. Pinch and warp the wolf image to fit the shape and contour of the face.
  • Step5–Adjusting the blending and effects to create more of a realistic hybrid.
  • Step 6–Adding in the eye socket detail and painting around the eye to fill in the gaps.
  • Step 7–Selecting areas of the wolf image and pasting, blending, warping, and adding effects to fill in the rest of the cheek area.
  • Step 8–Fill in around the mouth and the lower part of the face by copying areas of fur, blending, and painting.
  • Step 9–Adding back the highlight and shadow details for a more realistic effect. Wolfman is ready for his cover!
  • Step 10–Create a red to black gradient layer and add multiple layers of grunge and texture paint effects to build up the background and add depth.
  • Step 11–Bringing the Wolfman to the Background Adding the wolfman character with a gradient mask to the background to adjust the blending. Sizing and positioning while allowing room for the title and author.
  • Final Steps–A Few More Effects Adding some blood drop and splatter effects and a bit of red smoke to create more mood and dimension to the cover. Finally adding the title and author information in a spooky font that matches the typeface of the other title in the series.

The Making of a Book Cover

I thought it might be helpful—and fun—to highlight part of the process of designing a book cover to give authors a better idea of what is involved and what they are paying for when they choose to bring in a professional designer who has invested time and money in education and software. And depending on how you do business and file your taxes, all or part of the cost of your book cover designs may be deductible—consult with your Accountant. […]